I have noticed, in my short time dealing with the arguments that many of the irrational hansonites rely on, that they are in a great deal of denial. I don't wish to interfere... So, as a public service to them, I will provide them with a short series of affirmations that they can chant to themselves, when it feels like the Hanson-Hater-Boogeyman is pushing the walls in on them.

Keep telling yourself...

"They're going to hell for not liking them!"

"They must not know what they're talking about!"

"They can't change my mind!"
(The point being, that they're not trying to change anyone's mind.)

"This is not happening, this is not happening!"

"Hanson's music is timeless, universal, and sure to be popular for decades to come!"

"I'm not an obsessive, compulsive teeny bopper."

"They're just stupid; that's all!"

"God will have his wrath on them, for not sharing my musical preference!"