Baby's First Hansonite Book

Some Fun Phrases!

You Suck! (-Yoo-Suk. N. Amer. Slang)
A vague statement, implying that the person whom this is directed towards shows an overall lack of worth, skill, or judgement; or is otherwise objectionable.
It should be accompanied by reasoning, but is often used alone, even exclusively.

Go to Hell! (-Goe Too Helle. Unkn.)
Often used as a subject line (to break the ice, of course) for a Hansonite post, guestbook entry, or unsolicited correspondence.
It's an egocentric display of blind rage; implying that the karmic forces of the universe should favor one person's opinion (however negative), over another.

Hanson Rules! (-Han-sun rue-elles. N. Amer. Slang)
Most often seen as a good way for a hansonite to attempt to back up their opinion; it's not their fault necassarily, that this is merely an empty statement, not containing any particular content.
Regardless of the actual implications of such a statement; what they are intent on saying, is that it is their opinion that Hanson is a good band; so good in fact, that it is inherently wrong, not to like them.

Stop dissin' a great band! (-Staup Dissen a grate band. Ebonics, Slang.)
This means that although, they themselves make a negative comment towards someone; Hanson, and their fans should be considered exempt from criticism.
Or, that they aren't comfortable with the idea of people expressing contradictory opinions; and are emploring them to stop expressing them, for the sake of their fragile ego.

Get a Life! (-get-ta-life. N. Amer. Slang)
Though the user of this phrase is often pleased with themselves; (I don't know why, but I imagine they're just pleased to have remembered any phrase), it is transparently, the argument of the loser. Someone will often use this as their closing phrase, especially, when they are mentally out-classed.
Humoring the logic of this phrase, it means to say that the person whom this is directed towards, is objectionable, in an implied, universal way, for having spent any time or effort on any given thing. This phrase was onced used within a context that made sense, but now is only the last bit of dilluted venom, from a hansonite on the retreat.

Grow up! (-Groe-up. Unkn)
This is a presumptuous phrase implying, that even in this argument where both parties have now "lowered themselves to the same level", the hansonite's opinion is the true and correct one; so much so, that they consider it a future stage in personal evolution.