The antifan

Hello, welcome to my anti-Hanson-fan page. If you like their music and are here anyway, either you don't take yourself too seriously (a good policy in any case. And I can respect your views), or you are a rabid fan, that still doesn't have the confidence in their own opinions not to try and silence mine. If you just like them, I don't have anything against you, but if you think it's insane and impossible for anyone not to like themů well, this page is kinda about you.

This page is here so that I may express my contempt for militant Hanson fans. I am not here to argue over this matter, nor to explain, nor to defend myself.
If you think that Hanson is the one and only band in the world for anyone to listen to; your siblings, parents, schoolmates, etc., should you have them, have my condolences. And if indeed you find it too difficult to believe that anyone could not share your tastes, or you think I should take my page down; you are a very dimwitted individual, and do not respect our right to free speech. And must also have little control over your emotions. No one is forcing you to view this page.

I'm not going to go out of my way to make this the best anti-hanson page, but certainly the one you're viewing at the moment. I don't feel like looking for extensive links, and doing research. Truth be told, my html skills are fading fast, and Hanson is just so fun to mock! I think every anti-fan should express their views. I don't wish any particular harm on them or their fans, even if I say otherwise.

I don't like Hanson, or the dubious way their contract came about (I don't find Hanson nearly as objectionable as some of their fans). I usually don't mind other people's music, except when the media recklessly foists it upon us.
This doesn't just go for Hanson, I don't think the media should be saturated with any one band, not even ones I like. I don't claim to know anything about them personally, and I think that their lives outside music are irrelevant. But what I do know, and have seen, I find very disturbing. It simply sets a dangerous precedent for music. To have the media collectively obsess over a single band, while other bands have to struggle to get any media exposure at all.
Also, who knows how many young kids are being forced into music, to be potentially exploited by their parents.

I am not jealous of them. About everyone wants money or fame to some extent. But I myself am happy to be myself, and not one of them. If I don't like them, it's not likely that I'd want to be in their place, now is it.

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