The Antifan

I dislike Hanson's music, style, look, attitude, philosophy, videos, and their more serious and humorless fans.

I have my own very valid reasons for this, some of which can be defined, some that cannot; but all are completely valid, because they are opinions. No more are they facts than any other observation.

This is a completely, and entirely personal page made to show my dislike - extreme dislike - of Hanson, and things like them. It is also to mock, and otherwise dismiss many of their fans - though not all of them. It should not be expected that the information and opinions herein are entirely accurate, and I make no claims to that effect.

As much as it annoys some people, even myself at times, I am a believer in free-speech, and the fact that some people think that a page such as this should be taken down, is reason enough for me to have created one.

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