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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 19:46:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Jerks
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       Listen ... Yes, I am a Hanson fan & proud of it too. I've liked them for 2 years now, & I'm going to always. No, I don't think you guys are "jealous". You just have to follow the crowd & try to be like everyone else. Well, that's not going to cut it. I like Hanson, & I realize others don't. I mean, that's life. Not everyone is going to like the same stuff .... impossible. I have my opinion, & you have yours. I don't expect you people to like me or Hanson. But, what you guys post is plain immature (not that all Hanson fans are mature either) Being a Hanson fan or hater does not make a person jealous, bad speller, bad with grammar, immature, or not mature. I mean, some of Hanson's "enemies" are smart or dumb people. Some of Hanson's "fans" are smart or dumb people. I'm not going to ask,"What did they do to you?" because I know your answer. I admit, when I'm listening to the radio, I'd rather not listen to a group I don't like .... And sometimes I get really angry, but all the bands put alot of effort into 1 song. Not everyone's going to like it. Some people are.... that's the point. Not everyone is going to be satisfied. All Isaac, Taylor, & Zac are doing ... is playing their music. According to me, they're not doing anything wrong. Just having fun. They said so themselves that they're not going to let others influence them. They know they're not the best, but they're just having fun singing & making music. The guys don't care about being famous, rich, & all. I don't know what kind of music you people listen to... but I might not like all of it & might. I'm not going to go making hate page & cussing others that like the groups out. They're just enjoying the kind of music that they like ... nothing wrong with it either. So, I don't think it's right for you guys to make fun of people who like Hanson. Just my opinion though.

I think it's very fair for you guys to have a discussion group on things you don't like. You can take the time to discuss things that you think are wrong with stuff & webpages are okay like that.... to a certain extent though. Listing & stating your opinions is actually a pretty good thing .... but when you say "hate". Hate is a really strong word ya know. People today don't realize how strong of a word. Webpages promotion violence, are not legal on free webpage servers.

So, if you have your thoughts set on violence, you better be able to cough up alot of money. Because, I used to have a job with Geocities, Tripod, Angelfire, & a few other places... it was a big group that took hours or their day to report websites that were breaking their rules. I don't do that group anymore because it took up too much time .... but I still do go & report webpages. Also, who ever on your has that pic on their webpage of Hanson with Manson, was reported aol. I recently reported a page just like it, & it was destroyed. Just a warning ... not a threat. I don't want you people to waist your time & all. Signed,
   Loyal Hanson Fan Forever!!

ps- any spam mail or bad language that comes to me regarding Hanson or any other subject ... will be reported to the mail server you are using.