January 4, 2000
Responding to skeptics who have long accused the band of having no additional material (and buying time with an easy Christmas CD and some crappy old tapes), Hanson at last releases "We're Rubber, You're Glue." CD #1 plays into the critics' hands, consisting only of three answering machine messages, a 34-minute version of "Itsy-Bitsy Spider," a track of Ike singing "Happy Birthday" to a two-year-old Taylor, and fifteen re-mixes of "MMMBop." CD #2, however, features the group's first all-new material in years, including the up-tempo "FFFBop," the sassy "NNNBop," the soulful "BBBBop," and the more experimental "&&&Bop." The album peaks at #36, the first sign of trouble in Hansonland.

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