The Ol' Mailbag

In the mild, and uninteresting odessey that is the 'net, we 'meet' many people who don't seem capable of telling the truth, thinking for themselves, or even spelling; after several months of associating with such people, I simply couldn't take it anymore-I have now taken it upon myself to mock them, by the mere virtue of their glaring, and overwhelming stupidity.
Your understanding of the humor inherent in people's logic is all the thanks I need.

On to the letters... (Wow... all two of 'em! Lacking foresight, I threw the others out in disgust.)

Subject: "ITZ Enough!!"
This is one of the funnier ones. By its very nature, it makes me almost laugh as I think of it. The idea that these people would make a treaty to try to create harmony between both diametrically-opposed, but inaffectual groups, is a clear indication of people taking themselves too seriously.
In the face of such exquisitely perverted logic, I don't understand how they could not laugh at themselves.

Subject: "Jerks"
This is just one of those cases where someone has no business being allowed on the 'net.
She made all of these preposterous claims with zero information, and a list of email addresses she'd received from some bozo in a chatroom.
After some 'discussion' with me, she backed away from her previous statements, and attempted to make small-talk: being a non-confrontational fellow, I told her to 'fuck off'-not in those words, of course.
She should receive a beating with several sacks of manure for ever coming to my attention.