Some Thoughts on Opinion

Some people like to say that we need lives, because they think our negativity is a sign of a complete lack of anything constructive in our agendas. Still looking for that inherent flaw in us. The thing to discredit us. Well, from my point of view, this will not happen as they desperately wish it would. I don't see us as breeding negativity so much as releasing it.

They themselves must have their doubts about their own lives, and their own tastes if they feel the need to defend them, and to fabricate an image of us… a negative one.

I have my opinions, and I have the right to express them, wherever I want on usenet. However, I have the class to express them in the appropriate forum. A courtesy many of them do not choose.

I have no delusions on this matter, as long as something I dislike continues, I will continue to dislike it; and when it ceases, I will no longer pursue it. They want it to seem as if they have the high-ground, because they're the protagonists and we're the antagonists, but that's a matter of perspective. They think that positive tastes are somehow 'correct', somehow more evolved. In a sense, they're right, but more realistically; I seriously doubt that they'd reached the high stage of being, as to eliminate all self propagated human frailties, and focus completely on their own lives… In fact, I am _certain_ they haven't, otherwise they'd not have mentioned us in the first place!

People usually like to create a scenario where their logic will work. They like to think that people who disagree with them will 'come around' eventually, to an attitude that's more 'productive', more 'positive', and will eventually frown upon their former attitude, adopting an attitude more like theirs (otherwise, there must be something 'horribly wrong with them'). Well, that's a lot of bollocks there! There is no right or wrong in this situation, it merely comes down to opinions, the way people express them, and how some people react.

A few words on Angry Fans