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Formulaic NAMBLA poster-boy, Jonny Lang also worked with capitalist donkey-droppings, Hanson, on the new album. His contribution of an original song, which will also appear on the Daria soundtrack, brings the number of new songs on this album to two; making it the most original Hanson has released thus far. In The News//10-23-99
Blues Traveler Frontman, John Popper - Down on His Luck?
By Shlocky Writer

Genuinely credible, and super-keen punk-rap-industrial-hardcore teen sensations, and commandoes-for-Jesus, Hanson, have been deeply involved in super-serious and artistically-valid collaborations with Blues Traveler frontman, John Popper. Their new album, entitled "White Bread," is tentatively expected to hit shelves in October of this year, or next.

"What the heck happened, John?" remarked one Blues Traveler fan, concerned that his involvement in this project is a sign that the Taxman has come a' callin' for ol' John.

A source close to Rolling Stone -- selling subscriptions door-to-door, anway -- opined: "At least we know it isn't coke, or heiroine, eh, eh?"

"I could imagine good ol' John hunting for m&m's at two in the morning, though. I've been there."

In any case, we empathize with John's financial woes, and hope he lives to once again realize credibility.

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