Rhino Records©, Def Jam International©, and The Kobe Media Concern© Proudly Announce This...

Incredible New Release!

They won all the world's hearts in 1997, and now they're back!

After nearly four years of milking the only song of theirs that anyone will remember, "MMMBop," the impossible has happened: Hanson actually presents to you, the special Web audience, their first new material! That's right, you won't find this album in any stores! Mercury/Def Jam©, in a special deal with Rhino Records© and the Kobe Media Concern©, is releasing their new album exclusively on the World Wide Web*!

Don't miss out on their newly contrived "Rock Sound!"

Reserve your copy today!

Send a check or money order for $12.95 $9.95 to:

Rhino Records
1 Fusty Rd.
Teabiscuit, MN 78678

Or order by phone (Have your credit card handy):


*Thereby greatly reducing promotional costs and insuring, in the slim chance that this artist has become passé, that we don't expend our resources needlessly.

Pre-orders will be shipped in February of 2000.