The Mad Rabbit

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  • The Clipboard is designed to store small amounts of text information for future reference. It will store no more than 4K of text. Do not attempt to store more than this amount. Doing so may result in technical problems and the loss of your text. To help prevent this from happening, the textarea has a maximum length of approximately 2,000 characters.

  • Enter text that you would like to save, and press the "Store" button. All text is stored for six months from the time it was saved- even if you disconnect power to your WebTV terminal.

  • You can retrieve your stored text at any time by pressing the "Recall" button.

  • The "Clear" button will clear the text area, but it will not delete any saved data. To permanently delete all saved data, use the "Delete" button.

  • Different pieces of text may be stored on each of the three pages. Deleting the contents of one page will not affect the others.

  • Do not use this page unless the title, Clipboard, appears in the status bar below! If the status bar is blank, reload the page.


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