Editor Instructions

General Use

As with Grey's ClipBoard, no more than 4K of text can be stored at a time. The text area is limited to a maximum of 2000 characters.


This adds the standard opening html tags:

<title> </title>

The opening <head> tag is intentionally omitted, as it is the only way this will work on Tripod.


This adds the closing html tags:



Pressing this allows you to view the page as it will appear published on the web. Pressing the Back button on the keyboard once returns you to the Editor. The bulk of the time, your coding work remains, but it doesn't hurt to save it as a real page at your website, or Copy, Paste and send it to yourself in an e-mail—bearing in mind that JavaScripts can lose all of their critical formatting in e-mail.


This stores the text area's current contents in a cookie; hence, it can only be retrieved by the same account it was written on.


This retrieves the contents of storage.

Tips For Effective Use

To jump directly to the commands (Start, End, etc.), press the Tab key on your keyboard, then the left and right arrow keys to select. It's much easier than using the arrows and scroll buttons to reach the bottom.

To delete the Editor's current contents, make sure the cursor is in the text area, and is active (blinking), then press cmd-a to select all, press the Delete key on your keyboard, and click the Store command.

Alternatively, you can simply write what you want in the text area, and click Store—which erases what was stored previously.