MacWorld NY Brings Us New Goodies — Yay!

The Mac line has been completely revamped, from the humble iMac to the professional G4 — which can now be had with two G4 processors! This also means that the last lineup can now be had for less in the resale market, so I'm going to leave the old info up.

Additionally, the intriguing G4 Cube joins the lineup. Fanless, and measuring only eight inches square on the desktop, it seems more like an iMac than it does a G4. I would imagine its chimney shape provides great heat dissipation in the absence of the noisy fan. Its shape could also be likened to that of a tea can. I think it finds an awkward place in the Mac line at this point, in the hours following Steve Jobs' keynote and introduction of these new models, priced a little too steeply — when considering a separate monitor — to directly compete with either the iMac of the now dual processor G4. However, I would speculate, that in the coming months, part of the iMac niche will be filled by the Cube, at a reduced price, and bundled with an Apple Studio Display, giving consumer users more power and the monitor choices they'd asked for, while giving the pro users double that.

The cube's memory can be increased to 1.5GB, which is a remarkable amount, though is has no PCI expansion slots — research shows most users never take advantage of them — which is what leads me to the conclusion that this will be the new iMac of sorts.

The iMacs themselves have been divided once again, in price and power, along with a new paint job, including a deeper blue called "Indigo," Ruby, Sage; with the Special Editions returning in Graphite, and introducing a new non-color, Snow. Check out the new specs at Apple.

The PowerMac G4 (the non-Cube one) now includes two 450-500MHz G4 processors, at no additional cost!

All of the new models will come with Apple's new optical mouse. With no buttons, it operates with a gentle rocking motion. This should appease those that didn't like the round one. Also updated is the new Apple keyboard, which sees the return of the full numeric keypad, fifteen function keys, and page keys, which some had missed in the previous model.

Check out to see all of their new stuff!