WebTV Scheme

Still pining away for the look and feel of WebTV? To me, one of the most lasting impressions left by WebTV would be its effective use of subtle greens, blues, and greys in its e-mail and newsgroup pages—its search page, too, until Microsoft spawned the ghastly beige/navy scheme: Blech! Anyway, it can be hard to adjust to the page white scheme most computer users are accustomed to—it was for me—so, I bring you, the Tex-Edit Plus 2.8 WebTV color and font sheme!

Without further ado, you may download the WebTV Scheme AppleScript here. Feel free to modify it and distribute it, blah, blah, blah. As always, I'm not responsible for loss of life, limb, computer dysfunction, or incontinence, resulting from the use of this item. I should note that I'm currently looking into possible incompatibilities between current versions of Kensington MouseWorks software and version 2.8 of Tex-Edit Plus.

This can be used by any Mac with that can run Tex-Edit Plus, and AppleScript. As an added bonus, here are the color values used most often by WebTV:

What Hex RGB Sample
Font Color for e-mail, etc. 44CC55 17476, 52428, 21845  
Background Composing e-mail, etc. 222222 8738, 8738, 8738  
Background Reading e-mail, etc. 191919 6425, 6425, 6425  
Link Color in e-mail, etc. 189CD6 33410, 28527, 32382  
Visited Link Color, in e-mail, etc. 826F7E 6168, 40092, 54998  
Color Used in Headlines F5C74A 62965, 51143, 19018  

The Hex values can be used on the Web, and the RGB with Tex-Edit Plus 2.8. If you know of any good WebTV colors not listed here, please send the to me, so I can put 'em up here.