I just closed the deal with the AMA -- I should get 62 for every red blood cell used in the human body. I've noticed the human body has a way of creating its own blood cells. If something could be done about that, it would increase profits exponentially. Also, perhaps pacemakers could be modified to transmit suggestions to the human brain, so a person would know the right Microsoft solution for their businesses, and lives, without even asking. And, perhaps these suggestions could grow more persistent and greater in magnitiude as it detects thoughts drifting from the purchase of Microsoft-branded products.

Some educational markets continue to supply diverse technologies to their students, despite our contracts with state governments, which all but smear the Microsoft shrinkwrap into the students' face. A more agressive stance on philanthropy will have to be taken in order to intimate Microsoft with that which is perceived by the public as "good." Beyond that, I must posit myself as a "Messiah-like" figure, leading mankind to a new Golden Age.

Meeting tomorrow with the head of a lion, the head of a snake, and the head of a rabbit to discuss the direction of space and time.

Remember to watch Jobs' speech on QT to get ideas for next Microsoft 'innovation.'