What in the name of crap is this about?
I found this image on a webpage that recommended "fighting back" against people that have a nasty habit of exercising their right to free speech. Especially when it steps on the toes of their favorite "band". ???
Now, it was their plan that any over-eager, underintelligent fan would "stick it to 'em" by placing this image in the guestbooks of antihansonites.
My question here is… are they wearing lipstick???
It sure looks like it to me. Of all photos, I can't believe they are using this one to try not to appear foolish.
I found this sucker in the Anti-anti Hanson Guestbook (a goldmine in terms of foolishness).
Can we say "originality"?
Not in this case, we can't. This ambiguous statement was plucked straight from the vacuous, clay-pressed pages of Seventeen magazine. It would appear to me, that Hanson fans are so flustered over the fact that there are anti pages, that they can't even compose a coherent thought to defend themselves (not that anyone should have to defend themselves over musical taste as a rule, but they ablige).
To say that someone is jealous when they say that they don't like something? Does that mean to say that everyone is really actually jealous of something when they say that they don't like it? Very weak logic.
Hanson's Natural StateI got this picture from a fellow antifan in die.die.die; being in the Art format, only AOL could have read it originally. I tried my damnedest to convert it to a more common format, but ended up just using a screen capture - left the window in just for the hell of it.

This picture, while not of the greatest quality, has not been altered in any way - and some say that this is representative of Hanson's everyday activities.